Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forgot Windows XP Password

Windows Password

Hi all! I have seen on many websites people are asking for it but most of the websites do not have appropriate answers or the step by step way of doing or showing it. I thought why not share this experience to all of you.

First thing you have to do is to go administrator account if you know the password.

Go to control panel and select user account
Select the account name of which you forgot the password
Reset the Password from there.

If you don't know the Administrator password then restart your pc in safe mode and follow the steps as above.

The best step by step guide you can find on Carolina State University.

This is 95% solution of the problem. Because sometimes it does not work and if this is you then it's time to do something big and challenging. You have to download a software actually it is a Live CD and you can download it from here Offline NT Password
This will help you in cracking the password.

If it fails which it does not usually but there is always a rare case so if you fall in to rare case then its time to go for Ophcrack Live CD and definitely it will solve your problem.

"I am not responsible for your illegal activities."

Thanks to Hax Attack

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myk said...

>>>>::::Lamikela was Here::::<<<<
Eassy way to reset Administrator's password if you can login with an administrative user.
>>Right-click on My Computer
>>Click on Manage
>>Click on Local Users and Groups
>>Click on Users
>>Right-click on Administrator
>>Select Set Password
>> Click on Proceed
Click OK then OK (to set blank password)or typ th password you want. Logout all user, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del twice then type Administrator on the user and your password if you set any.
>>>>::::Lamikela has left::::<<<<

Fahad MEMON said...

Hi there,
you are right my brother,but what if you don't know or remember Administrator password.
I think this post is the answer of that.